Özlem’s photography tells a story. Without words, her pictures capture the moment and the emotions that inspire it. Özlem specializes in preserving special occasions for posterity, such as weddings, christenings and celebrations, festivals and shows.

Özlem’s love of photography was nurtured from a young age. Guided by her parents, who ran a camera boutique, a young Özlem could be found enthusiastically snapping away photos of her brothers, her cats and generally anything that moved!

A few years later, Özlem enrolled into university to develop her photographic skills to match her passion for the art. In 2008, Özlem was awarded a First Class Honours in Photomedia. Following her degree, Özlem began to offer her photographic service professionally.

With Özlem behind the camera, a special occasion is in safe hands. Ahead of the event, during and after, she provides a professional and courteous service. In Özlem’s words, “I’ve always loved the idea that I can bring some joy into people’s lives and give them something they will treasure forever… that is what its all about to me”. She goes onto say, “It isn’t just about taking pictures, it’s about manners too. When I am on assignment, I plan ahead and I like to be aware of the situation and what is happening. I also dress appropriately and I am always friendly and respectful. Its about respecting the occasion and everyone it involves".

With her kind and warm attitude and her exceptional eye, Özlem stands out as a gifted photographer and looking through her portfolio it is easy to see why…

2011, Stepping Out, Whitgift Centre, Croydon
2008, Sustainable Secrets, Croydon Eco Expo 2008, Croydon
2008, Photomedia Exposed, Graduation Show, Parfit Gallery, Croydon
2007, Photomedia Level 2 Show, Pepperton Gallery, London
2007, ClocksLie, Whitechapel, London
2006, Croydon Skyline Projection,
2005, Croydon Skyline Projection, Croydon Project, Croydon
2005, Access Final Show, Parfit Gallery, Croydon