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Ask yourself “What is time?” It is not something that can be sensed or seen and it cannot be held, it just transpires. The day is one form of measurement used to determine time, everyday consists of daylight followed by night, our bodies have become accustomed to this routine, where we are productive during daylight hours and asleep at night, each day we wake to a new day. The time that we are awake, during the day, we can account for everything we consciously do, but the unknown of the unconscious from the conscious state is a very different experience. When you lay your head on your pillow and close your eyes, do you know what will happen? As you leave the waking world to enter another, does time stand still in the waking world or do the two worlds, exist as one?
The Lonely Theatre collection uses film and long exposures to capture the spatial relations of night and dreams;Lonely Theatre is an exploration of moments unknown to the conscious mind, revealing the mystery of the night. The dark empty space occupied where time does not remain, where the empty dark spaces are filled with aura of the unconscious mind performing only for the self. The images are not re-enacted depictions of the dreams but of the sleeper in a state of deep unconsciousness experiencing the dreams.
The visible empty spaces are not quite vacant but filled with the essence of the dreams that are only visible to the sleeper; the viewer is left to experience what can not be seen, but what can only be seen through the minds eye.

The experimental videos: http://www.ozlemmehmet.co.uk/dreams
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